Rocket Race Heroes

Silly Name. Serious Fun.

A Society of Gamers | Est. 2004

Xbox Gamers

We started as a LAN group with Halo CE and Halo 2. We moved online with Xbox Live and our numbers grew. Originally called "The Wrecking Crew," we updated our name to the "Rocket Race Heroes" around 2010. We are a small group (especially for being 15+ years old), but we prefer to be selective.

Competitive & Social

Don't let the non-ranked gametype that inspired our name fool you; we are ready to compete as well as have fun. The key to any great gaming experience is being able to share it with others. Thanks to Xbox Live, our group can remain close despite great distance between us.

Community Oriented

What good is a video game if you are playing it alone? We believe that a positive gaming experience is beneficial to the Xbox community at large. We have families, careers, and social-lives, but we still find time to play. Cities change. Jobs change. Heroes are forever.

We've got some awesome clan members. Check us out below.



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